Thoughts On Wedding Photography

Wedding photography can be quite expensive especially considering there are so many other expenses to consider during your wedding.  However, having a photographer who knows what they’re doing is critical to preserving the memories of your special day.  If your photos come back looking terrible, you would be really upset.   That is why as a wedding photographer we ensure all camera lenses are present and correct in order to get those perfect shots.  Sure, you can get some decent shots with an iphone, but having the ability to do wide angle and zoom shots add a dimension you wouldn’t otherwise be able to achieve.

Wide to Telephoto Zoom Lenses

Wide to telephoto zoom lenses are truly one of the simplest lens type any photographer will need and use. Wedding photographers absolutely must have one of these within their photography kit otherwise they are going to run into a lot of trouble taking group photos. These lenses usually come with a focal range length between 20 mm and 70 mm so that should be sufficient enough to capture a large group photograph with ease. You do not compromise quality and there is no distortion. These types of lenses can in fact be perfect for portraits which may come in use for wedding photographers as well.

The Wide Angle Zoom Lens

Wedding photographers absolutely must have a wide angle zoom lens. This is truly a basic element of photography and without it your range can be limited. Having a wide angle zoom lens can allow you to capture better background as well as foreground which are crucial for any photographer. These lenses help to ensure versatility in photographs and are good when taking photos in a smaller room with a tight angle. However, you can snap the entire room and get a great focus whether you want to capture one subject or several. These lenses also help you to get a bigger picture and it’s easy to capture a wonderful story as well.

Wedding Photography Lenses That Every Photographer Can’t Do Without

Prime Lenses for Wedding Photography

These types of lenses are simply camera lenses with a fixed focal length. This means the prime lenses are fixed rather than zoom so they cannot be zoomed in or out. However, these are very important and you can get a wide range of lenses ranging from 17 mm to 70 mm. Prime lenses are said to have improved quality in terms of optics. Wedding photography is delicate so prime lenses are truly important to have. Photographers will find these lenses to be extremely useful.

Here is a really good detailed tutorial on camera lenses.

Understand Photography Is All About Timing

When it comes to taking a beautiful photo, you absolutely have to ensure you time the photos right. Photography is all about timing and if you miss the opportune moment, the perfect photo will be missed. For instance, if you’re taking photos outside then you are working within a limited time schedule with natural lighting so you have to work fast but precise (for example the “golden hour”). However, indoor photography is slightly different but again you have to ensure timing is right especially since natural lighting is a must. You may have to opt for a mix of natural and artificial lighting but that doesn’t mean to say timing doesn’t matter.

Always Be Prepared, Have A Plan & Have Fun.

Being contracted to photograph a wedding can be extremely nerve-wracking but if you are prepared with all the proper equipment and have a strategy going in everything will be just fine!   Be sure to discuss the itinerary of the day with the wedding planner so you know ahout what time each component of the wedding will take place (roughly).  Definitely be sure to take time to eat yourself so you’re mind is clear and you’re at your best.  Most of all have fun with it and your photography will show that.